December 17, 2015

The Morning My Feet Finally Told Me "Enough is Enough"

I stumbled across an unfortunate statistic while trying to find a solution to my own chronic foot and heel pain.

The fact is that at least 10% of the population in the United States will have foot and heel pain issues during their life. Think about that for a second.. That's Over 31 Million people just in the USA alone!! Gloomily the number of sufferers worldwide must be over 100,000,000!

This percentage is even greater for us active people who like to keep fit and hit the gym or the running track, but often neglect a proper "cool down" or stretching routine after our work outs. This has been shown in studies to dramatically increase the likelihood of lower leg and foot problems over time.

After coming to my "wits end" and finally telling myself enough was enough. It's time I tried to fix my foot and heel pain that I'd been bearing for the last 2.5 years! (to be truthful it was my feet which were doing the "telling" not me).

​Sadly I'd got to the point where my life was being dramatically effected and I physically couldn't put up with the feeling of "Walking on Broken Glass" every morning or not being able to enjoy the simple pleasure of going for a walk or playing with my family.

So, what to do… Of course I started searching the internet for a solution to my pains. There is some good information out there but most of it requires you to purchase an overpriced course or make an appointment to see a professional to help you manage the pain. It took me about 2 months or longer of trying all different exercises, stretches and "wonder products" to find what worked for me

I also benefited greatly by using different forums to connect with others who were able to fix their own problems successfully without expensive surgery. By asking for any tips, hacks or advice they had used I was able to speed things up and get some proven solutions.

And after all my research, I was able to come up with an easy to follow but successful step by step routine which has done wonders for me and a few fellow sufferers. It’s helped so much that I can happily say “my feet are better than ever!" I'm so thrilled about it and so are my wife and kids. I'm now able to get back out in the park and play with my boys rather than just being the supervisor. That's no doubt the greatest gift I've been able to give myself in these last few months. All the research, time spent testing stretches, exercises, rollers, shoe inserts and socks has all been well worth it.

Again I have to be truthful - I feel so stupid for letting the pain stop me from being more involved in my family’s lives for the last few years that I felt compelled to document what has worked for me and put together a guide to help others get the most out of their lives again. Looking back you can see that time goes by so quick these days often you can miss out on so many wonderful opportunities without ever realizing, I know I did.

Along my journey I gained heaps of invaluable help from Ana a lady I met in a forum who had also had major problems with Plantar Fasciitis (foot & heel pain). She suggested I try a compression foot sleeve or sock which had really helped her cure the pain. So much so her and her husband had started designing and manufacturing a new type of compression sock especially build to help with causes of most foot pain. She explained basically a compression sock gives added support and also increases blood and oxygen flow to your feet allowing them to recover faster and feel less fatigue. The compression also reduce inflammation and swelling in the feet which was a major issue for me as well. She sent me and a few others on the forum a pair to try so we could give her some feedback and see how they worked.

The socks are really comfortable and allowed my feet recover from the daily exercises and stretching that needs to be done to cure the pain permanently. I know I could tell the difference when my socks were in the wash that day.

"Ana's Compression Sock Specially Designed to curve foot pain"

I gave Ana and the others my “Stomping Foot Pain” guide for her to have a look and give me some feedback as well. They were really impressed and Ana said from what she had seen and bought I could easily sell my guide to those that needed a cure.

I explained the whole idea was more about helping others and sharing my story and I didn’t really feel comfortable selling it to others. Ana totally understood, but asked if I wouldn’t mind if she shared my guide with her customers and in return she would provide me with a discount for anyone I knew that had foot pain and would love her socks.

I said I thought it was a great idea but how about you send me 2 more pairs of socks and the discount for my friends and we’ve got a deal!! Luckily she was so impressed by my guide that she offered me more socks if I wanted!! I said 3 pairs are enough I’ll buy the others from her.

Ana and myself know from experience that foot pain is a serious problem and one I know has severe negative effects on any suffers happiness and the happiness of their friends and family.

Ana has kindly agreed to allow me to provide anyone looking for a solution to foot pain a discount code for her specially designed compression socks and Silicon gel therapy heel wraps, you will also get my guide as a free bonus! She is calling this her “Miracle Foot & Heel Pain Relief Kit”.

I highly recommend Ana’s Miracle Kit I know the socks really help speed up the process and reenergise your feet. Please feel free to share this discount code with anyone you know who is being held back by sore feet or heel spurs.

​​Ana also said she’s a nurse and she has a lot of her co-workers wearing the socks even if they don’t have feet problems just to give their feet a boost to get them through the day or a long week of standing.