Testimonials from Our Awesome Customers :)

armstrong amerika

We love our Armstrong Amerika Community, and the feedback and support we receive from our wonderful customers. 

It is through this feedback that motivates us to keep striving to make great products and provide exceptional service!

Below is some of the feedback that we have received :) A big thank you to you all!


  • "Thank you so much for your rapid response (Sunday night--amazing).  I guess two months of back pain has made me a little antsy. With that kind of attention to customers, your business should be a colossal success." - Don


  • "Thank you for the follow-up and tips. They are much appreciated." - Patricia 


  • "I can't tell you how helpful your attachments have been. I have suffered from plantar fasciitis for 2 years now after running a half marathon at the age of 59. Finished it running the whole way. But, I think my shoes may have been off. Anyway-I have tried it all- except surgery which I won't . I saw these heel cups. They will arrive tomorrow and I look forward to seeing how they work. You have given me helpful advice and I see I am already doing most of the things you have mentioned in the article. I hope, one day, to wake up and be pain free and able to keep up with my fitbit challenges without paying the price." - Donna


  • "Thank you so much for the wonderful information. I am trying your suggestions. Blessings to you." - Carol


  • "Wow!! I did not expect this. You are so kind. They did not indicate there was an option for a larger size availability. This is very generous of you. I can't wait to try this brace out. I would love to find something that will help with my pain. Once again, thank you so much." - Tina


  • "They heel gels are great! So far it's helping tremendously." - Blake


  • "Thank you! I am loving the kit, my left foot is feeling so much better at work. I work in a very large factory so I walking on concrete for 8 hours straight now my foot is feeling like it's old self." - Koren


  • " I have ordered every product out there for relief of PF and heel pain. And these gel heel pads have worked the best. They look almost invisible and can be worn with even sandals or closed shoes. Good value for the price too." - Marita


  • "Amazing! Not only did my socks arrive on time and just as described. I received a very helpful email from them with tips. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase from this seller again." - Sherry 


  • "These heel pain gel pads took my heel pain away instantly. After icing for two days, resting, nothing was working until I slipped these gel pads on. I was walking with zero pain right away. They were very easy to put on, the padding is generous, and they glide easily into my sneaker. I am SO grateful I found these at the right time." - Joanne


  • "The Sleeve Compression Sock was amazing as soon as I placed it on my foot. It was so amazing and it helped with my running. I was under the impression that it might not help me when running but it works wonders! I was truly thrilled that it provided the support I needed. I have really bad ankles and the Sleeve Compression Sock was must needed and provided excellent support." - Dee


  • "Emails are personal and I appreciate that! love the product as well, keep up the great work." - Vanessa


  • "Thank you great company and great product." - Juliana


  • "This is a fantastic product. In the 4 days I have used it I have had tremendous relief from pain. I had spine surgery 3 months ago and am healing. Recently I have had lower back pain so I decided look for a brace that will protect my posture at cervical,upper and lowers back levels. This seems to be the ideal product and I almost wear it as a uniform when am at home. It so comfortable " - Emilia


  • "I have no idea the size of your company, you may be as big as some countries for all I know. But I will say, I am impressed with how you do business. If you are a small business I am confident you will be a great success. If you are a big company, I can see how you came to be as big as you are." - Roy